Down on the Farm es una canción de los Guns N' Roses, pertenece al disco The Spaghetti Incident?.

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Every Friday night there's a steady cloud of dust That leads back to a field filled with pickup trucks Got old Hank cranking way up now got coolers in the back, tailgates down There's a big fire burning but don't be alarmed It's just country boys and girls getting down on the farm Well you can come as you are, there ain't no dress code Just some rural route rules that you need to know Don't mess with the bull he can get real mean Don't forget to shut the gate stay out of the green If it starts to raining will just head to the barn Where country boys and girls are getting down on the farm Chorus You can have a lot of fun in a New York minute But there's some things you can do outside those city limits Ain't no closing time, ain't no cover charge Just country boys and girls getting down on the farm Ed's been on his tractor ain't seen Becky all week Somebody said they seen em heading down to the creek Farmer Johnson's daughters just pulled up in a jeep Man he knows how to grow em if ya know what I mean Old Dave's gettin loud but he don't mean no harm It's just country boys and girls getting down on the farm Chorus Ah let's get down y'all Stay out of that hay

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